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    Installing Your Cabinet Hardware Has Never Been Easier with These Three Steps



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    Ever wondered how to install cabinet hardware the right way so you don’t mess up the lovely finish on your new cabinets? You’re admiring your brand new cabinets, and know you want some dazzling hardware to complete the look? But there’s one thing standing in the way—you don’t know-how! Here is a quick guide to help you.



    Step 1: Measure and mark


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    The first thing you should know is that if your cabinet doors have stiles then cabinet pulls are probably 2-3” up from the bottom edge of the door. If so, you should center it on the width of the stile. But, if your cabinets have slab doors without stiles, then they will be the same distance from the side edge. The next step is to measure and mark this location with a pencil. Keep in mind that when installing a knob, this marked location will be where you’ll drill the screw hole. The difference can come if you’re installing a handle with two fastening screws. In this case, this marked location will be the middle of the handle. After that, measure the distance between the two fastening screws on the cabinet handle. The last step is to divide that number in half. This way you’ll get the distance between your center mark and two new marks that indicate the top and bottom screw hole spots.

    Step 2: Drill


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    After measuring and marking, it’s time to drill the screw holes. Most cabinet screws need a 3/16” diameter hole, so use a power drill with a 3/16” twist bit. Also, don’t forget to read the manufacturer’s instructions, because they will specify the required drill bit size as well. Make sure to hold the door open with one hand as you drill to avoid drilling into the cabinet frame. Finally, drill through the door at the marked spot.

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    Step 3: Install


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    The last step after your holes are drilled is to install your cabinet hardware. To install it correctly, follow these three steps:


    1. Insert the fastening screw through the backside of the hole.
    2. Thread the knob onto the screw.
    3. While holding the knob with one hand, use a screwdriver to tighten the fastening screw.


    FYI: Cabinet hardware usually comes with two screws of different lengths. What you need to know is that the shorter screw is made for cabinet doors with a standard thickness, while the longer screw is made for thicker cabinet doors.


    Image Source: JaG blog


    And that’s it! As you can tell, this process isn’t difficult at all, plus it’s rewarding. You don’t need to be a DIY professional to install your hardware, and with these steps, you’ll have the confidence you need to easily change the style of your cabinets as often as you want.



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