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    3 Best Ways to Bring Natural Elements into Your Home

    Do you enjoy a good walk outdoors on a sunny day? Do you love to sit by the ocean and feel the cool breeze against your skin? Natural elements can be found all around us, from beautiful sunsets to quiet desert streams. These natural elements also play a big role in our design choices for both homes and workspaces. Natural elements can add an earthy or rustic feel to any space while bringing in calming colors of blue, green, gold, and brown.


    The kitchen is often one of the most important rooms of the house – after all, it’s where we prepare our meals! It’s a great idea to make a kitchen more inviting with some of these natural elements:


    1. Natural Cabinets


    Kitchen cabinets are one of the major focal points in a kitchen. If you’re looking for a way to add natural elements to your kitchen without taking up too much space, consider using natural materials in your cabinetry.

    Natural cabinets are typically made from real wood, which gives them a rustic look, or they can have natural elements built into them. These types of cabinets are becoming more popular in kitchens because they look so stylish and beautiful! If you’re not sure if you want to go with all-wood cabinets, try using different woods for your backsplash and island top instead!

    There are a variety of materials that you can use, such as bamboo, cork, or wood. Not only will this give your kitchen a natural look, but it will also help keep your kitchen cool during the summer months.

    The best possible option if you’re not sure which cabinetry you need is to go with a timeless classic: white shaker cabinetry. They are high quality, always trendy, and good for you and the environment. What else do you need?



    1. Natural Flooring and Light


    There are many options when looking at flooring for your kitchen – tile, stone, concrete, etc. One surface that’s gaining popularity is bamboo floors. Bamboo floors give off a natural vibe while still having clean lines. It can be difficult to do this type of flooring if you have a lot of foot traffic, but it’s a great choice for kitchens with less activity.

    The best way to bring natural elements into your home is by using natural light. This can be done by adding large windows or skylights to your home, or by using light-colored materials in your construction. Natural light not only makes your home more beautiful but also helps to create a healthy and comfortable atmosphere.


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    1. Natural Decor


    One of the simplest and most effective ways to introduce natural elements into your home is by adding plants. Not only do they add beauty and color, but they also produce oxygen and help purify the air. If you don’t have a lot of space in your kitchen, consider using potted plants instead of placing them in the ground. Some great options for kitchen plants include ivy, Boston ferns, and snake plants.

    If you want to go all out with incorporating natural elements into your home, consider using nature-inspired designs. This could mean using earth tones in your paint scheme, adding wooden accents, or using a natural color palette for your furniture.


    There are three main ways to make your kitchen more cozy and natural. The very word natural should be your guide – avoid everything that’s artificial or feels like it. Focus on natural materials, such as wood, stone, and metal. Let in some natural light through bigger windows, and decorate with almost costless, but fully natural decorations – plants, flowers, herbs, etc. There are many more ways you can make your home and kitchen more natural. It’s just important to include as many natural elements as you can and you’re good to go. 



    If you need a word from an expert make sure you contact us at info@nelsonkb.com or call 832-998-6598. We’re here to help you design your dream home with natural and high-quality materials.


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