Have Granite Countertops Gone Out of Style?

Beautiful Kitchen

As you renovate your kitchen, you may come across some designs from twenty years ago that look hopelessly outdated. How are you to know what will be in style twenty years from now? Countertops can be quite a significant investment, and it makes a lot of sense to wonder what will still be in style […]

How Do I Design a Kitchen?

Beautiful Kitchen

When designing a kitchen, there is no one-size-fits all solution. This is because everybody has different lifestyles that will determine how they use their kitchen. While a family of four might want to focus on in-kitchen seating and child-friendly base cabinets, somebody in their early 20s might want a setup that is better suited to […]

10 Tips for Kitchen Lighting

Beautiful Kitchen

Good lighting is an absolute must for your kitchen. It’s of course imperative that you be able to have a good view of what you’re cooking or cleaning, but you also want to ensure that the kitchen has a warm and inviting ambiance. If you’ve rented all your life and are a new homeowner, you […]

What Is a Mid Century Modern Kitchen?

Beautiful White Kitchen

You may have heard the term “mid century modern” (MCM) floating around recently. What exactly does it mean? How can something be mid-century and modern at the same time? Let’s begin with a quick overview of this style before then considering what a mid-century modern kitchen looks like.   Simply put, mid-century modern refers to […]

8 Ideas for Adding Style With Cabinet Hardware

Cabinet knobs

After you’ve gone through the process of choosing your cabinets, countertops, and appliances and have a really good sense of what your new kitchen is going to look like, it’s time for the finishing touches. Cabinet hardware might seem like just a minor detail, but it’s actually the perfect opportunity to let your personality shine […]

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