Tips to Plan a Bathroom Remodel

A Man Thinking

A bathroom remodel is one of the most popular home improvement projects. According to estimates by the National Association of Home Builders, about 85 percent of homeowners want to make some type of change to their bathrooms.   While you may be eager for a new look in your bathroom before you plan a bathroom […]

6 Ways to Make Space in a Tiny Kitchen

A tiny kitchen can be hard to work with, but there are many ways to make the best of it! Your kitchen is your precious space, whether it’s big or small. A tiny kitchen can be very enjoyable when decorated and remodeled right. Here are a few creative ideas that can change your tiny kitchen […]

Kitchen Cabinets Sale Deals for the New Year

Special deal

The winter season is a perfect time for shopping. There are lots of savings events and promotions for deep discounts. The New Year is a great time to shop around for kitchen cabinets along with all the other features of your kitchen remodel, whether it’s flooring, major appliances, or countertops.    Savings Events When shopping […]

Difference Between Kitchen Remodel and Kitchen Renovation

Homeowners often get confused about the difference between a kitchen remodeling and a kitchen renovation. Kitchen renovations and kitchen remodels are both projects that can be done to improve your home, but they differ in their approach.   Kitchen remodeling and kitchen renovation are two terms that often get mixed up, but there is a […]

Battling the Myths Surrounding White Kitchen Cabinets

An Amazing Kitchen

If you’re in the market for white kitchen cabinets, it can be difficult to separate white kitchen cabinet myths from white kitchen cabinet facts. This blog will break down some of the misconceptions and reveal the truth behind white kitchens and white cabinets so that you can make an informed decision about your next remodeling […]

Do Your Kitchen Cabinets Need To Be Replaced Instead of Refaced

Cabinet replacing vs cabinet refacing

It can be challenging to know how to tell if your kitchen cabinets need to be replaced instead of refaced. Luckily, there are a few ways that you can figure out which option would work best for your home! Read on for more information about these methods and why they are effective.   Cabinets are […]

Particle Board vs Plywood Kitchen Cabinets: Which is Better

Plywood vs Particle Board

Many homeowners are faced with the decision of choosing between particle board and plywood kitchen cabinets. Here, we will look at how they compare in terms of durability, cost, and environmental impact to help you make an informed decision.   Both plywood and particle board are made from wood. The difference is in the way […]

Kitchen Cabinets Design: Getting to Know Your Cabinets

Gray kitchen cabinets

Cabinets have been around a long time, though maybe not as long as you’d think. The version that we are familiar with has really only been around since the twentieth century. Before the modern kitchen cabinet and its predecessor, the Hoosier cabinet, came into our homes, people stored their dishes, food items, and cookware using […]

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