2021 Kitchen Cabinet Trends  


Kitchen cabinetry is one of the most underappreciated art forms. At its core, a  kitchen is a place where the occupants of the home gather to nourish both their  bodies and souls with good food and companionship. To create the perfect  ambiance to enjoy your meals and conversations, you need a perfectly designed  kitchen. Kitchen cabinets are, therefore, not just a place to store your utilities;  they are also an integral part of your kitchen’s aesthetic. As a style-conscious  homeowner who keeps up-to-date with the latest design trends, this guide will  provide you with ideas to take your 2021 kitchen cabinetry to the next level.  




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Salvaged Kitchen Cabinets 


Believe it or not, it’s 2021 already – where has the time gone? Are you way  overdue for a kitchen remodel but currently suffering from a severe case of  tightened purse strings? Then do not despair, as refinishing your kitchen  cabinets could be just the budget-conscious solution for you. By reclaiming  your kitchen cabinets you will be able to give your kitchen the instant facelift  that it so desperately needs but without having to commit to the costly  enterprise of a full kitchen renovation.  

The salvaging process involves taking your old outdated cabinets and  transforming them into trendy pieces of art by changing their color, replacing  their doors, or adding new hardware. And what’s more, you will not only be left  with shiny modified cabinets, you will also have solidified your status as an  eco-conscious warrior in the year 2021, who reuses materials to reduce their  environmental footprint! 




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Transitional Kitchen Cabinets 


In keeping with the trend of invoking the future by referencing the past,  transitional-style kitchen cabinets merge both contemporary and traditional  designs. The transitional cabinet is, therefore, the median that lies between sleek modernity and classic conventionality. It is an ode to times gone by but remains  thoroughly modern in its presentation.  

Stylistically, the key features of transitional cabinetry include a traditional style  face, neutral foundation, simplistic yet vibrantly colored decorative trim, and  contemporary fittings or accents. Transitional kitchen cabinets are, therefore, the perfect choice for homeowners who despite their current tastes are eternally  nostalgic by nature.  





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Open Shelving 


Say farewell to outdated cabinets with their screws coming loose and hello to  clean, modern lines with open shelving. Take the leap into conspicuous living  and instantly transform your kitchen into a fresh, open, and welcoming space  with nothing to hide – literally, as all your kitchenware is laid out in full view  for all to admire.  

What’s more, by displaying your kitchen supplies on open shelving, you save  money on kitchen décor. Additional perks of using open shelving in the kitchen  are that it is cost-effective, as it requires the use of less material for construction  than conventional kitchen cabinets, and it is space-effective for smaller kitchens  in contemporary urban homes that are all the rage this year.  





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Slab Door Cabinets 


Step fully into modernity with slab door cabinets. Despite the variety of  materials from which slab doors can be constructed, such as wood veneer, solid  hardwood, and finish-grade plywood; they have one major characteristic in  common – their lack of door frames (some designs are so streamlined that there  is not even a pull or knob in sight). While some would find this titbit to be  somewhat disconcerting, it is in fact the aesthetic feature that has transformed  slab doors into the coveted kitchen cabinetry design that it is in the year 2021.  

A minimalist’s dream, slab door cabinets are defined by their clean lines and  smooth design. Depending on the look that you want to create, slab door cabinets can either be used to draw attention to a focal piece, such as a brightly  colored kitchen appliance, by serving as a neutral background; or create a bare  utilitarian look by pairing them with an industrial countertop and backsplash.  


No matter your style or what your final design choice is, take comfort in the fact  that by following the aforementioned guidelines, your kitchen cabinets will be the epitome of design trends in 2021. Nelson Cabinetry can help you to  customize current design trends so that they suit your kitchen with our free 3D  kitchen design service. Visit Nelson Cabinetry at www.nelsonkb.com to incorporate 2021 kitchen trends into your home. 


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