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    20 Kitchen Bar Design Inspirations


    Have you ever had thoughts of livening up your kitchen’s design with a bar?  It doesn’t matter if you enjoy family dinners after work or entertain often; a  kitchen bar is always fashionable and practical. If you have an open concept home, a bar can assist with distinguishing the kitchen from other living spaces.  Kitchen bars can also act as a centerpiece in an otherwise monotonous design.  The primary factors you need to take into account when deciding on a kitchen bar design are its intended uses, your kitchen’s style, and the amount of unoccupied space. We have provided you with 20 kitchen bar design ideas here to help get your creativity following.  


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    1. Kitchen island bar 

    The addition of a kitchen island bar to the room equips you with more seating,  counter, and workspace. This enhances the comfort level of family and friends who enjoy watching you cook, eating, and socializing in a central area.  


    1. T-shaped island bar 

    Best suited for a kitchen with copious amounts of space, the t-shaped bar is arranged exactly as its name suggests. Its key benefit is its enlarged counter space for cooking and eating.  


    1. Freestanding kitchen bar 

    A bar design that is quite unexpected, yet unique and attention-grabbing is a  freestanding kitchen island that is situated slightly perpendicular to the kitchen cabinets and refrigerator.  


    1. Wall-mounted bar 

    Mounting your kitchen counter to the wall creates a floating countertop that efficiently uses limited space in small-sized kitchens. Add a couple of chairs and you have an extra dining place to enjoy.  


    1. Two-tier kitchen bar  

    In a 2 for 1 deal, a kitchen island can also be split into a bar-level dining area with seating and a shorter counter-level section for preparing meals. 


    1. Subverted two-tier bar 

    Play around with a traditional design, by lowering the bar-level zone to beneath the counter-level area for an unconventional interpretation of the two-tier bar.  


    1. Mosaic kitchen bar tiles  

    Add color and sophistication to your kitchen bar by adorning its base with decorative mosaic tiling.  


    1. Small kitchen bar 

    Kitchen bars can perform a variety of functions for a multitude of designs, but particularly for small-sized kitchens. The addition of a couple of stools to the bar counter in a small kitchen creates an additional work area that makes your kitchen feel so much bigger than it is. 


    1. Breakfast bar 

    Having a breakfast bar in your kitchen is highly beneficial because it simultaneously functions as a kitchen counter and table. You can sit and enjoy cozy meals with your family there, or you can use it as a place to serve food when you have guests over.  


    1. Kitchen island with wheels 

    If you’re one of these people who like to change things up now and then you will enjoy rolling a kitchen island cart in and around your kitchen, living room,  or wherever you are planning on having your meals that day.  


    1. Curved kitchen bar 

    Invoking pure luxury, a curved kitchen breakfast bar in the shape of a horseshoe is built to make a bold and contemporary statement. 


    1. Open kitchen bar  

    In open concept kitchens, a breakfast bar can stretch out from the kitchen into other living areas, which makes the space more welcoming for family and visitors. 


    1. Marble countertop

    The sheer opulence of a marble kitchen bar countertop is undeniable. You will be reminded of its splendor and magnificence every time you glance at its distinctive pattern of veining.  


    1. Wooden bar top 

    A wooden breakfast bar is a traditional breakfast bar with the added bonus of a  wooden countertop. The presence of wood in your kitchen immediately creates a warm and inviting aura. Depending on the species of wood that you choose for your breakfast bar, you can either create a rustic look with reclaimed wood,  or a farmhouse-style design with a butcher’s block made of walnut, cherry, or oak. 


    1. Sustainable bar countertop 

    If saving the planet is high on your agenda, then sustainable bamboo or repurposed wood will create a stylish appearance while also being gentle on the environment. 


    1. Metal bar counter 

    A stainless steel or copper counter for a modern take on a kitchen bar will give it a smooth and lustrous touch. Alternatively, wrought iron hardware creates an industrial appearance, and a bar top covered in corrugated metal sheets will provide an undeniably rustic air.  


    1. Textured bar stools 

    Textured bar stools constructed from wicker or leather create a bohemian vibe that is currently all the rage. 


    1. Metallic stools 

    Contemporary, durable, and sleek, barstools constructed entirely from metal are the height of industrial chic.  


    1. Pendant lighting 

    If you take a look at current trends, pendant lighting is the most favored by homeowners to brighten their kitchen bars. When it comes to pendant lights,  you are spoilt for choice as they come in diverse colors, designs, materials, and forms that can fit in with virtually any style of bar. Pendants in clear glass, for example, are timeless; while colorful shades give the space some personality. 


    1. Chandelier Bar Lighting 

    Chandelier bar lighting is a luxurious alternative to pendant lights. It accentuates and illuminates the bar area, which transforms it into a stylish focal piece.  


    No matter the style, a bar is one of your kitchen’s most distinguishing and functional features. To make sure that it seamlessly blends in with your space,  you can make use of Nelson Cabinetry’s FREE 3D kitchen design service. All it takes is a visit to www.nelsonkb.com and the ideal kitchen design can be yours.



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