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    How to Make a Kitchen Makeover Budget

    So you’ve decided to remodel your kitchen. Congratulations! Now comes the hard part. How much is it going to cost, and what kind of budget should you have?

    How Much Is It Going to Cost?

    The cost of your kitchen’s face-lift depends on where you live and how extensive the remodel is going to be. Remodeling a kitchen can significantly increase a home’s value, so it’s usually a wise investment. That said, according to homeguide.com, the average cost of a kitchen remodel is about $100-$150 per square foot. The Home Depot website states that homeowners can expect to pay anywhere from $20,000 for a minor remodel, which involves small upgrades without changes to the existing configuration, to around $62,000 for a major remodel that includes new appliances, cabinets, and countertops. For remodels that bring in state-of-the-art appliances, specialized lighting, and custom cabinets and counters, the cost can be upwards of $100,000. For a set of 10 x 10 kitchen cabinets at Nelson Cabinetry, the average cost is about $2150 + $399 for shipping. Given that cabinets make up most of the cost for a kitchen remodel (see below), you are in for some major savings when ordering from us online. The price is a real deal, but the quality is where Nelson Cabinetry is an industry leader with high-end cabinetry options.

    The Different Parts of the Budget

    Cabinets and hardware:

    This makes up the lion’s share of any kitchen remodeling budget, anywhere from 15%-25%. For minor remodels, it’s possible to resurface existing cabinets or replace them with ready-to-install units. For a more comprehensive remodel, the average cost of new kitchen cabinets is from $3,000 for stock cabinets to $18,000 for custom cabinets.


    This is the next major cost, at around 20% for the average remodel. Consumers can significantly reduce labor costs by opting for cabinets that are ready-to-assemble and installing the cabinets themselves.

    Other major components of a kitchen remodel budget are:

    Ventilation and appliances (around 15%)


    countertops (10%)

    , and

    flooring (8%)


    Other costs to include in the budget are lighting (5%), windows and doors (3%), ceilings and walls (4%), and plumbing (4%). Most budgets allocate the remaining amounts to design and miscellaneous costs.

    Fixing the Overall Cost Before Deciding On Individual Items

    Our advice is to determine the overall amount that you can dedicate to your remodel before starting to pick out the items for your new kitchen. First, how much can you reasonably afford? After you settle on an amount that is feasible for you, consider how long you’ll be staying in your home. If you’ll possibly move in the next decade, perhaps it’s a better idea to spend a little less on a kitchen remodel. But if you’re planning on keeping the house for years and maybe even generations to come, it’s probably worth it to make a more dramatic renovation.

    Once you’ve decided what the global budget is, set aside a contingency fund of around 15% for unexpected costs. It’s entirely possible that as you open up the walls and floors, you’ll encounter some unexpected issues that need your attention. With this extra amount in reserve, these surprises will be less of a problem because you’ll have an amount set aside to deal with them.

    Next, decide what’s most important to you in your remodel. Have you been dreaming of a kitchen island with sink and dishwasher? Elegant, classic shaker cabinets from floor to ceiling? Whether you want to design a kitchen on a budget or splurge on luxury custom kitchen cabinets, you can start by determining how much the centerpieces of your new kitchen are going to cost. When you consider the cost in terms of your overall budget, determine whether you’ll still have enough for all the other features that you’ll be adding on later.

    As you fine-tune your budget, be sure to shop around and make sure you’re getting the best quality for the best price. At Nelson Cabinetry, we offer premium white and gray shaker cabinets at wholesale prices and offer financing through our partner, Klarna. We also match prices, with discounts for members of the military plus holiday promotions and period sales.

    Most importantly, stick to the original budget that you decided on and work within its limits. It’s not a good idea to change course in the middle of a project, since you set the budget price for a reason. Have fun, and enjoy your new kitchen!

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