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15 Reasons Why You Should Fall in Love with Your Kitchen Cabinets


Ah the kitchen, the heart of the home, as people like to say. Homeowners like yourself are always looking for ways to make your kitchen look better, or cater more usefully to the needs of the people who use it. Suitability is key, and you want your kitchen cabinets to fit into the home and life that you have created for yourself and your family. Falling in love is always a pleasure and your kitchen cabinets are designed to bring you the greatest satisfaction – even though their benefits are often overlooked. It’s hard to appreciate something that people tend to take for granted, so here are some reasons why you should fully appreciate what your kitchen cabinets have to offer.  


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  1. They set the tone for your kitchen’s design  

A painter’s canvas is their medium for expression, and so are the cabinets for a kitchen’s design. Kitchen cabinets take up the most space and are the most visible component in a kitchen, so their style carries over to the total look that you have in mind.  


  1. They store all of your kitchen essentials 

Storage is always an issue in a kitchen, whether big or small. There just never seems to be enough to store all your small appliances, utensils, and supplies. The more kitchen cabinets you have can take care of that – so be sure to invest in sufficient cabinetry. 


  1. Did I mention that they look really good? 

Dress your kitchen cabinets up with various styles of hardware and finishings. Whatever your taste, there are cabinets and accessories to suit it. For instance, you can take a journey back in time with vintage copper handles that will make an antique lover smile.  


  1. Their design possibilities are endless 

Framed or unframed, floating or standing, open or closed shelving – there is almost no limit on available cabinetry designs.  


  1. DIY aficionados co-sign

Ready-to-assemble (RTA) and unfinished cabinets cater to kitchen renovators that are good with a power tool or paintbrush, thereby saving themselves the trouble of paying excess labor costs.  


  1. They allow you to exercise your creativity 

Create your own unique shade of paint by mixing a combination of colors to generate a hue for your unfinished kitchen cabinets that puts them in a class of their own.  


  1. They lessen the mess  

Countertops filled with appliances and utensils can look cluttered and messy.  Kitchen cabinets can help you create a streamlined look by storing all of your kitchen necessities.  


  1. Protects your Kitchenware  

It’s easier to wipe down kitchen cabinets rather than each item in your kitchen every time that you generate grease and grime by cooking a meal. 


  1. Makes countertops shine 

Kitchen cabinets form the basis of your countertops, so their design impacts the aesthetics and structural format of your work surfaces.  


  1. Makes appliances stand out  

The color and materials used for your kitchen cabinets can impact the stylistic effect that you hope to achieve with your appliances. An art deco fridge would, for instance, be best suited to cabinetry with a minimalistic design.  


  1. Well-made cabinets can last a lifetime 

Depending on the materials with which your cabinets are constructed, such as  solid wood and plywood, with intermittent sanding and varnishing their lifespan can be up to 25 years or more. 


  1. They come with a warranty 

A warranty ensures that any defects or damages that occur can be dealt with at  the expense of the manufacturer depending on the length that the cabinets are under warranty.


  1. You can always refinish or restore them 

If your kitchen cabinets have been subjected to wear and tear over time, but are made from good quality materials, the possibility exists for restoring the cabinets through exchanging hardware, resealing, and/or replacing doors or drawers.  


  1. They deliver straight to your door 

Most cabinet retailers, whether online or instore, will deliver straight to your doorstep either for free or with an additional shipping fee.  


  1. If not, there’s always a pick up option 

This is a popular option particularly for big-box stores often at no extra cost.  You will, however, need your own transportation for the cabinets, which can be difficult to find as pre-assembled cabinets in particular take up a lot of space in comparison to RTA cabinets that are shipped in flat packs.  


Why pickup, when delivery is more convenient? Nelson Cabinetry ships our  RTA cabinets to any address of your choosing at a flat rate. Call us at 832-998-6598 for a FREE consultation on cabinets that you will fall in love with more and more every day.



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