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11 Kitchen Cabinet Ideas to Use On Your Next Remodel




Updating your old cabinets and applying a new color scheme sounds like a dream. The good thing is, it’s never too late to start. But the sooner you start, the sooner you’ll get to enjoy your dream kitchen. Here’s all the inspiration you need to get you started.


If you want your kitchen to be the centerpiece of your home, investing some money is not a bad idea. A kitchen needs to be functional and friendly if you want it to be a place for gathering. And if you add aesthetics on top of the wish list, it can seem overwhelming. Following some simple steps when remodeling your kitchen is easy. If you put aside the necessities, starting with kitchen cabinets is the first step. We will show you all styles and combinations so that you can easily find your dream kitchen and pin it on your board.





Traditional kitchen cabinet ideas


Traditional kitchens are still quite popular. Their design incorporates architectural features from the European Old World countries, the Mediterranean, and colonial America. This type of kitchen can be the perfect spot for friends and family.


– Gray kitchen –


Image Source: Pexels


A bright kitchen is everything but if you’re not so sure about it, a light gray kitchen can be your happy medium. And if you add traditional style cabinets like a raised panel or even gray Shaker, a kitchen like this can be the coziest place in the house. 


– Wood elements –


Image Source: Pexels


A kitchen with wood elements is on trend in 2021. If you don’t want your cabinets to be dark or unfinished, you can simply opt for wood decor and make it special.




Cottage and farmhouse kitchen cabinet ideas


A country-style kitchen is a place meant to be lived in. It has a down-to-earth appeal with practical features and comforting design elements. Anyone who enters this kitchen with the desire for a cozy cup of tea and a warm slice of apple pie has come to the right place.


– Charming colors –


Image Source: Pexels


A kitchen like this reminds us of past times even though it looks and feels new. If you add some color that complements your neutral kitchen cabinets, you’re on the right path to having an amazing kitchen. 



– Farmhouse vibes –


Image Source: Pexels


Another type of kitchen that’s meant for a living is a farmhouse kitchen. Even if you live in a big city, a kitchen like this can add so much character to your home. Shaker cabinets, a farmhouse sink – we’re sold on the idea!




Rustic and industrial kitchen cabinet ideas


Industrial kitchens have a charming way of making a statement and they don’t have to be all dark. Stainless steel panels can look striking with exposed brickwork or roughly-hewed stone. Adding unfinished wood elements can also have a great effect on a kitchen like this. 


– Reclaimed wood –


Image Source: Pexels


White kitchen cabinets are great but if you add reclaimed wood and make an island, you will add special charm to your kitchen.



– Industrial touch –


Image Source: Pexels


If you’re not comfortable with dark cabinets, you can still add industrial elements to a white kitchen. With exposed brickwork and stainless steel appliances, a kitchen like this can be a true urban sanctuary. 




Modern kitchen cabinet ideas


With so many kitchen styles, sometimes it can be difficult to choose cabinetry. If a modern kitchen style is what you’re aiming for, you’re probably wondering which cabinetry is the most contemporary? We have the answers to your questions.



– Glossy look –


Image Source: Pexels


Flat and glossy kitchen cabinets can make any kitchen modern. And Scandinavian minimalism can make any kitchen look clean and neat. There’s an idea!




Transitional kitchen cabinet ideas


The term “transitional” is a buzzword in design. Using that term is a way to use a creative license in how you put together your new kitchen. One way to look at it is by mixing traditional elements with contemporary ones, but in a way that doesn’t look eclectic.



– Shaker Cabinets –


Image Source: Pexels


For example, Shaker cabinets look amazing in a traditional kitchen with the right colors and hardware. But Shaker cabinets work as transitional kitchen cabinets in a contemporary kitchen. With their colors, hardware, and other details, they offer a very modern effect.




The hottest kitchen cabinet trends


After a year of being in the house, a freshly renovated kitchen won’t do it. We had to take a step back and start to appreciate our time with friends and family more than ever. It’s no surprise that some of the hottest 2021 trends are a reflection of our emotional state.



– Beach vibes –


Image Source: Pexels


There’s hardly anything as relaxing as a day on the beach. And there is a way for you to extend that feel by adding beaded Shaker cabinet doors. 



– Eclectic look –


Image Source: Pexels


If a collection of quirky and colorful accessories makes your day, the eclectic style is for you. All you have to do is pick a bold color for your kitchen cabinets and add accents with unique design elements and voila!




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