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10 Tips for Family-Friendly Kitchens

The kitchen is the hub of every home, and this is the case especially for families. From parents coming in first thing to grab a cup of coffee to kids hanging around as dinner is being prepared (and maybe even learning to cook!), the kitchen gets a lot of traffic and can serve many different purposes. To get the most out of this central space, check out our top 10 tips for making sure your kitchen is efficient, safe, and clean. If you want to take it to the next level and visualize your new kitchen, be sure to check out free 3d kitchen design, available online. It takes all the guesswork out of planning for your next dream kitchen and you can even consult with experts to figure out what will work best for you.

Low maintenance counters

When you’ve got kids, you’re bound to have your regular share of spills and splatters. When this is the case, countertops that are easy to clean can be a real game changer. Stainless steel and engineered quartz are tough and a breeze to clean up, especially because the surfaces are almost entirely seamless. Tile is another good option, though keeping the grout clean can be tricky. Avoid materials that stain such as marble, which look great but can be a real headache to keep looking pristine.

Kitchen island with seating

Kitchen islands do it all: they provide storage, a work surface, and even an eating area. Arrange stools around the island to create an informal dining setup. It’s easy to create a kitchen island using cabinets and you can even add wheels if you want the option of stowing it away when you’re expecting greater kitchen traffic.


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Soft-close cabinet doors

When purchasing cabinets in the United States, customers generally have two options: self-close or soft-close cabinet doors. Self-close drawers tend to be noisier and with family members all using the kitchen, soft-close cabinet doors, which close with a gentler motion, will keep the noise level in the kitchen down. Though cabinets will soft-close doors can be a little pricier, you can get these wholesale Shaker cabinets, which offer quality craftsmanship with such premium features, at competitive pricing.


Easy-access microwave

It’s likely that older children and pre-teens will be using the microwave pretty often, so be sure it’s located in an easy-to-access spot. Many wall microwave cabinets are designed to go up high, but quality cabinet makers also provide microwave base cabinets that are meant to go down lower, and will be a lot safer.

Low-level drawers

Use base drawers to store games and snacks so kids have easy access and won’t need to stand on their tip-toes or resort to a stool to get what they need.

Knife drawer

A knife block is a no-no in family-friendly kitchens. Keep your knives organized in a dedicated drawer to keep your kitchen safe.


High storage

Keep fragile and potentially hazardous items out of reach and securely stowed. Bridge cabinets above the stove or the refrigerator are great places to keep vases, wine, and other items that you want to keep away from children.

Open shelving

As your kids are learning where everything belongs in the kitchen, visible storage can be really helpful. With an open end shelf or a pantry with the door removed, everyone in the family can immediately see where everything is, eliminating the need for them to dig around in the cabinets looking for what they need.

Cabinet door locks

If your children are really young, you should definitely be putting baby locks on doors to cabinets that have cleaning agents or garbage inside.



Dedicated homework space

Design an area so that your kids can do their homework while you are making them an afternoon snack or preparing a meal. This will add to the functionality of your kitchen, making it clear that it’s a place for the whole family to gather, socialize, and work alongside one another.


With the right planning, you can transform your kitchen into a place that the whole family can use! And if your family includes pets, be sure to check out our article on how to keep your kitchen pet-friendly.

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