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10 Must-Have Kitchen Essentials for Newlyweds





Whether you’re a newlywed couple or about to attend your best friend’s wedding, a list of kitchen essentials can both certainly come in handy when thinking of gifts – whether for yourselves or for others. A kitchen is the heart of any house and with the right appliances and gadgets can be the very essence of “home.”


Starting a new life is an exciting part of growing up and making a home requires some thought. A kitchen holds a special place in our hearts, filled with memories of growing up. And even if you don’t consider yourself that much of a
homebody, a well-equipped kitchen is a good start for memories yet to come.


A kitchen has such sentimental value for us because it serves as an ally in helping us prep delicious food for ourselves and our loved ones. It works with us 24/7 and we need to make sure to give it some love back in return. Every kitchen can benefit from gadgets and things that make our lives easier. These are the essentials you need on your wedding list if you want your kitchen to always be as full of promise as a bright Sunday morning.




Coffee Maker


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Let’s assume you’re a coffee-lover, meaning that starting your day with a coffee mug in your hands is a blessing. And with the right coffee maker, it will just take seconds for you to get this pleasurable morning routine started. And even if you’re not on great terms with coffee, your friends and family will appreciate a coffee maker more than you can imagine. 





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This is a very traditional wedding, gift and one that we all have in our kitchens. Maybe it’s not so creative but you’ll need one – that’s a fact. Whether you’re going to use it for breakfast or you’re more of a midnight nibbler, it gets your peanut butter and jelly toast ready in just a matter of minutes.





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Is there a house without one? We’re not sure and we don’t want to think of a life without it. A microwave is a life saver that we use almost every day. If the microwave makes your wedding list or you plan on buying one as a wedding gift, make sure you pick the right one. The microwave needs to fit a bridge wall cabinet or a microwave wall cabinet, so plan properly.





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This is a smart gift and a great item you should have on your list. It’s a must-have and if someone, particularly family members who know your home plans well, wants to give you something really useful, this is a great choice. Most ovens can fit oven wall cabinets or double oven cabinets but check the size specifications to be sure it fits.



Barbeque Grill

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Everyone loves a barbeque get-together and if your home has a patio, this is another must-have. Imagine the friends who will come visit! Throwing a little party is something both you and your guests will appreciate. 



Pressure cooker


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This is one of the most popular appliances for a reason. It has a variety of functions: pressure cooker, slow cooker, steamer, egg cooker, and a half-dozen other uses. Our moms swear by it and if you think you may not need it, think again. It’s not one of those pretty gadgets you want to display on your countertop, so all you need to do is make room
for it in your
base cabinets.



Starter Cookbooks


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There is a reason why cookbooks made our list. It’s something we often forget to buy and the fact that we can find everything online doesn’t help, in part because there is just too much choice. Cookbooks are also more convenient in the end because printing out a recipe can take extra time, and it’s not always a good idea to cook while referring to the screen on your phone. Old school is charming and books look great in the kitchen. Add some wall shelves or add them to your wall cabinets for some homey magic.



Cold Press Slow Juicer


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Health is a hot topic nowadays and your kitchen is just as important as the gym in the journey to great health. A cold press juicer has so many benefits in comparison with other juicers. So if vitamins and antioxidants are a part of your daily routine, this is a great gift and something worth adding to your wish list.



Long-Lasting Cookware


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You’ll need a great chef set, and it all comes down to quality. Cookware can be somewhat pricey so this kind of gift can make a huge difference to a person you’re gifting it to. It’s about durability and functionality, nothing says these things better than stainless steel.



Multi-Purpose Kitchen Mixer


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We’re not talking about a simple mixer but a very advanced one. In Japan, people opt to have only what they need and not a bunch of similar items that clutter up space. In this spirit, a multi-purpose kitchen mixer gives you everything in a single appliance. And you will need a mixer. Its forever home is in a base cabinet or even a pantry if you don’t have space anywhere else.





Having proper essentials when starting a new life in a new home is the key to joyous mornings. With help from family and friends, setting up a wedding wish list can be not only constructive but also beneficial to everyone involved. Gifting loved ones is a token of appreciation and we all want our gifts to have a purpose. You can always buy yourself a nice set of knives, wine glasses, or dishware but the essentials listed above can make a real difference in your kitchen. Happy shopping.




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